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Art workshops
PREREQUISITE: In order to obtain permission to be enrolled in this course, you must have completed Introduction to Ceramics (Art 150) at Cerritos College, or the equivalent course at another school.  You will email the instructor at and once you are approved to enroll, Mr. Portigal will inform our department that you are cleared and can register.  This class is for individuals who have taken beginning ceramics courses and want to continue on working on their craft. Student will be expected to work independently on a project(s); there could be limitations on the number of pieces/projects that may be fired in the kiln throughout the course; all project(s) will be discussed prior to starting the course with the instructor and pre-approved. THINGS TO KNOW / CLASS RULES: You must choose a clearly defined project prior to the start of the class and have gotten Mr. Portigal's approval of the project. Unless we have agreed otherwise, all your work must be taller that it is wide, and a maximum height of 16”. In other words—no platters or large, wide bowls, as these are very inefficient to fire. Find a project that takes time to complete, something that is complex formally or has a complex surface treatment. You may want to consider doing some glaze experimentation. The number of projects that you can fire each semester may be limited. The total number will depend on the nature of your project. Please make sure that your activities in the lab do not interfere with any other students. Do not use any clay other than what is available in the bookstore without the consent of the instructor. Quality, not quantity, is the goal. No production work allowed.

Start date: 01/08/18

End date: 05/09/18

Weekly - Mon, Wed 4:00 PM - 6:45 PM (1/8/2018-5/9/2018)

Registration Fee $185.00

Materials Fee $0.00

Room :  Fine Arts Room 140


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